Memoria Spiran

Chapter 1 - Grave Trial

The past won't remain buried...

At first light, the adventurers met up with their respective caravan and journeyed forth towards the trading city of Memoria. As they descended into it, they beheld the strange ecology of the valley: a hilly plains, a forest with something glittering within, a dry desert, and a deep dark forest surrounded a large city in the middle of the valley.

After traveling for the better part of the morning, the adventurers finally arrived at Memoria and made haste towards the castle. They gave their name and intentions to one of the various servants of the castle and were quickly lead into the throne room, where all of the adventurers convened to speak to Lord Memoria.

As they waited, they began to hear what sounds like an argument between a calm man and an aggressive woman. The argument grew louder, until finally the doors behind the throne room opened and in walks a calm/sedate young man, who is flanked by a yelling woman clad in armor.

After the young man declines to continue their argument further, the warrior woman leaves the throne room, while roughly pushing past the adventurers. The young man sits in the throne and greets the fellow adventurers, introducing himself as Lord Modestus d’Memoria V. He explains the very briefly the issues that Memoria faces and tells them that, after losing so many adventurers that he’s employed already to investigate, he requires for them to prove their worth with a test: solve the mystery of the dead rising from the graves. After answering a few questions and speaking of the rewards, Lord Memoria is informed that a specific person has arrived and so he ushers the adventurers out.

As they leave, the adventurers notice a boy enter the throne room before the doors close, then they find themselves outside the castle gates. After debating briefly, they decide to head to the graveyard to investigate. They pass through Memoria Square and take notice of the surroundings, noting that this is probably the most common place to do their shopping. After passing through the southern gates, they easily take notice of the graveyard and head towards it. They rattle on the gates of the graveyard, to which Dampe IV the Gravekeeper responds to their calls. After questioning Dampe about the dead walking, they discover a set of footprints that lead to an unmarked crypt.

They head inside and battle through several tough encounters and finally discover a man named “Tobi Specter”, who tells them that he is sent there to serve his master and observe. After a lot of cryptic banter from him, including that he has performed their task of laying the dead to rest for them, he leaves a piece of a torn journal with one of the adventures and then takes his leave.

Journeying forth into the dark crypt, the adventurers found an Elven shrine that is surrounded by smashed and broken skeletons of what look to be the remains of knights. Upon the altar are the shattered remains of an orb that has traces of magic from the goddess Desna.

After saying their farewells to Dampe, the adventurers went back into town to manage their supplies and rest up for the evening before they reported back to Lord Memoria.

Character Specific details:
Kara discovered the remains of a shattered orb that contains traces of magic from Desna. She also negotiated 10g from Lord Memoria.

Meirio negotiated 10g from Lord Memoria.

Samuel was told by the centaur girl that she can draw maps. He also gained Heinrich’s disapproval for making advances on his daughter.

Sakura(“Jessie”) gained a nickname and was awesome at combat.

James was given a torn piece of a journal from Specter.



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